June 12 - online master class "Damage surgery: a strategy for successful recovery"

Modern realities require decisive steps. One of these steps in the field of health care is the creation of a new organization "All-Ukrainian Association of Injuries Surgery and Rehabilitation". The goal is to introduce the profession "Trauma Surgeon/Polytrauma Surgeon" and create a single system of "Trauma Centers". 

☝ Injury surgery involves multiple and often life-threatening injuries. Today, especially in the conditions of martial law, is one of the biggest challenges in modern medicine. The high intensity of shelling by the aggressor, traffic accidents, and other accidents lead to a significant number of patients who need immediate, complex and highly qualified medical care. 

🏨An important aspect of injury surgery is the joint work of a multidisciplinary team, which requires the participation of surgeons, traumatologists, anesthesiologists and many other specialists. The coordinated work of this team, effective communication and interaction are key to the successful treatment of such patients. 

There is not much information on this topic yet, but at our event you will be able to learn more about injury surgery from primary sources, from the chairmen of the All-Ukrainian Organization of Injury Surgery and Rehabilitation. 

📌 On June 12, an online master class "Damage surgery: a strategy for successful recovery" will be held. 

In the first block, you have the opportunity to hear for the first time about the formed organization and the potential new specialty "trauma surgeon": 

🔷 Relevance of the new specialization "trauma surgeon" 

🔷 Problems of treatment of patients with multiple lesions of the limbs 

🔷 Ways to avoid complications in the treatment of patients in injury surgery 

For the 1st block, after successfully passing the test, you will receive a certificate for 10 BPR points. 

In the second block (satellite section), you will learn more about the role of infusion therapy in the treatment and recovery of severe patients with polytrauma, namely: 

🔷 Anesthetic support of patients in the pre- and intraoperative period 

🔷 Fluid loading and unloading of patients with severe polytrauma in ICU conditions 

🔷 Peculiarities of management of patients with closed lesions of abdominal organs

BPR points are not awarded for this block.

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Mandatory conditions for obtaining a certificate*❗

  1. It is necessary to register on the event (including through express registration) by specifying Surname, First Name and Patronymic in Ukrainian.
  2. When registering, you should indicate your personal, unique mobile phone number and e-mail address (it is forbidden for several listeners to register for one e-mail/phone number).
  3. On the day of the event, go to the online broadcast using the link from e-mail or Viber messages sent on the same day.
  4. Pass the test during the online broadcast. The link to the test is provided during the event and additionally sent to the e-mail address of the participants who joined the online broadcast. The passing level is at least 85 points.
  5. After processing the test results, a link to download the certificate is sent to the e-mail address specified during registration within a week after the event (please note that the letter may end up in the "Spam", "Advertising", "Promotions" folder).

* The certificate gives the right to the accrual of BPR points (continuous professional development for doctors) in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated February 22, 2019 No. 446.

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