Terms of subscription to newsletters

Sending informational and marketing messages by e- mail, messengers, text messages, other means of electronic communication.

By filling out the registration form on the website infusiontherapy.org and putting a graphic symbol in the field where you are asked to give your consent to the sending of information and marketing messages that contain information about goods and/or services, advertising and commercial offers about such goods and/or services , with references to the conditions of such consent (hereinafter also referred to as Messages), you consent to the use of your contact details (e-mail, mobile phone number, other network identifiers of the subscriber) to send you Messages (your subscription to the newsletter) from us, as well as our partners, in particular, LLC "Yuriya-pharm ", PE "Infuzia" (hereinafter also referred to as Consent).

After you subscribe to the newsletter on our website, we will send you a confirmation message to the specified e-mail address.

Informational and advertising mailings are carried out based on your consent (subscriptions to newsletters) issued by you through the website, by registering for an online event, or when ordering goods and/or services through the website, filling out a separate form for subscription to newsletters, or a feedback form.

We may send you information and advertising mailings that contain information about goods and/or services, marketing, advertising, and commercial offers about such goods and/or services.

We carry out informational, advertising, marketing mailings in the form of e-mails, messages in Viber, SMS-messages.

You can at any time, in a simple and understandable form, refuse to receive informational and advertising messages (unsubscribe from newsletters) and withdraw your consent to receive messages (newsletter) free of charge.

The procedure for unsubscribing from the newsletter is as follows:

  • Emails. To refuse to receive Messages (unsubscribe from the mailing list) sent to your e-mail address, follow the link «unsubscribe from the newsletter» located in end of each e-mail. If you want to unsubscribe right now, please follow the link: "unsubscribe from the newsletter".
  • Viber messaging. To stop receiving Messages (unsubscribe from the mailing list) sent through the application Viber on your smartphone, you need to select the contact from which you receive Messages from us in the Viber application itself, click "Details" and uncheck "Receive messages".
  • Text messaging. To unsubscribe from text messages, please write an unsubscribe request in any form to the email address info@infusiontherapy.org. In your letter, be sure to indicate your contact phone number, which you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter.