CONSENT of the personal data subject to the collection and processing of his personal data

By filling in the registration form on the website (hereinafter - the Website) and affixing during the registration form a graphic symbol in the field where it is proposed to consent to the collection and processing of personal data (hereinafter - Consent) with reference to conditions of such consent, you (hereinafter - the Personal Data Subject or the Client) add to the electronic data related to the completion of the registration form, electronic data that are logically related to them and stored by the Owner of personal data, and is electronic signature within the meaning of the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services”, and are used by you as a signature to certify the granting of Consent. Thus, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data” you provide the State Institution “Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, identification code 02012088, 79044, Lviv, 45 Generala Chuprynky St. (hereinafter - SI IBPTM NAMS or Owner of personal data) voluntarily, knowing and understanding your rights, consent and permission to process, distribute (including the provision, actualization, transfer) of their personal data specified by you in the registration form on the Website, namely information on: education, profession, specialty and qualification, scientific degree, academic title, employment, surname, name, patronymic name, place of work, telephone number, e-mail address, as well as their distribution, in particular, the transfer of LLC “Yuri-Pharm”, private enterprise “Infusion”LLC).

By providing this consent, you certify that you do not need notification of the transfer (distribution) of your personal data to third parties.

You agree that the data provided in the registration form may be processed to enable you to use and monitor the Website and services, create and manage a personal profile, work with the Website, receive services, to support communications, including subscribing to e-mails and/or newsletters, sending relevant messages and/or newsletters, information about products, services and advertising materials, using a mobile number, joining chats, inclusion in the list of publications on social networks, receiving targeted advertising through services of social networks.

You are informed that after visiting the Website, the Owner of personal data may automatically obtain information that can be used for your identification, in particular, domain number, computer IP address, browser type, operating system and platform, technical information, information about geographical location when visiting the Website, date and time of visiting the Website (session), updating and deleting data, information about actions on the Website (including viewing advertisements, using the Services of the Site), cookies are processed in order to improve the work of the Website, increase the convenience and efficiency of work with the Website, provide solutions and services that best meet the needs of the Client, determine his benefits, display advertisements. SI IBPTM NAMS may use such information individually or in combination, for technical management of the Website, analytical system of tracking, research and development.

You have been notified that you may prohibit the collection and use of information for advertising targeting by prohibiting the storage of cookies in your browser settings.

You agree that the process of processing personal data includes the commission of any action and/or set of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, renewal, use and transfer to third parties, depersonalization, destruction of personal data, in particular with the use of information (automated) systems.

This consent is valid for an indefinite period. You are informed that the Consent may be revoked by you at any time by written notice of revocation sent by registered mail to the “Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”: 79044, Lviv, 45, Generala Chuprynky St., as well as by sending an e-mail to, not less than 90 (ninety) days before the expected date of revocation of this Consent.

The personal data subject also confirms that this Consent is signed with an electronic signature within the meaning of the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services”.e within the meaning of the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services”.