June 5 – webinar “Sex and menopause” (video)

We invite you to the online webinar “Sex and Menopause”.

In our society, it is not customary to talk about the need for intimate relationships at menopausal age and the obstacles that interfere with this. Most women, having crossed this limit, meekly accept that what follows will only be the boring life of an elderly lady. Because admitting a problem or even asking a doctor about it is scary and shameful. Therefore, desire ≠ opportunity⛔ Meanwhile, the beautiful, confident women from the series "Sex and the City" 💃 only prove that the exception proves the rule. Life goes on and you need to use it to the fullest 😍

You will learn frankly about sex issues during the menopausal period and their solutions at the webinar:

  • Is it worth it or not?
  • How does sexuality change during menopause?
  • How to overcome typical problems associated with sex after 45+?
  • How to maintain intimacy and passion in a relationship?
  • How to gracefully accept age-related changes and enjoy sex?


️ 👨‍⚕️ Gurzhenko Yuri Nikolaevich, professor, urologist-sexologist State Institution Institute of Urology named after Academician A.F. Vozianova NAMS of Ukraine,” Doctor of Medical Sciences.

  • Knows what is needed when there is a “Desire”
  • How to maintain passion in a relationship
  • How to preserve and maintain erectile function

👩‍⚕️️ Efimenko Olga Alekseevna, leading researcher at the Department of Endocrine Gynecology, State Institution “IPOG named after Academician A.N. Lukyanova NAMS of Ukraine" and the Department of Reproductive Health of the State Budgetary Institution "KMT NAS of Ukraine", Doctor of Medical Sciences.

  • Knows what it takes to take advantage of the “Opportunity”
  • What will make intimate relationships comfortable
  • How to reduce vaginal dryness during menopause

A comprehensive view of a sex therapist and gynecologist will answer how to preserve the bright colors of your intimate life, taking into account physiological changes. And they will prove that desire = opportunity, regardless of age 😉

✔️ The webinar will take place on June 5, 2024 (Wednesday).

🕔 Time: from 16:00 to 18:00.

📍 Online format (YouTube).

💙💛 Participation is free!

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